What is a Healing Session?

A healing session is about improving the flow of Chi energy in and around your body back to a state of optimal balance. A return to balance provides your body the assistance it requires to kick start the healing process.  In essence, it facilitates the healing process by clearing the blockages that affect the natural flow of your personal energy.

This can reduce stress or anxiety from your life, boost your immune system, change negative thought patterns and release toxic emotions all of which places your mind into a more peaceful state of being that enables you to make confident decisions on your path to self healing.

Drawing upon various energy modalities combined with my unique intuitive skills, I create a personal connection for you to a universal source of energy which interacts with your personal being to trigger your body’s innate healing mechanisms.

What are the
Primary Benefits?

Energy Healing can bring relief to both physical and emotional challenges while promoting a deep sense of relaxation, peace and well-being. You do not have to be just physically ill to benefit from a healing session given it simultaneously touches and improves all levels of your physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Healing sessions can enhance your natural instinct and intuitive abilities which in turn expands your awareness and receptivity to the answers you seek regarding your desire to heal.  It promotes a clearer and more peaceful mindset which leads to better decision making on your path towards self healing.  This new level of awareness can also stimulate a deeper understanding of your authentic self and life purpose while revealing undiscovered skills within you.

Reported benefits include:

  • Accelerate your Body’s Self Healing Ability
  • Relief from Pain and Anxiety
  • Deep Relaxation – ease from stress and tension
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Improved Sleep
  • Balanced Emotions
  • Heightened Intuition

What can I expect
during a session?

The range of experiences is limitless during a session.  Many clients report sensations of feeling extremely light as if their body is on a cushion of air and that the chatter of their conscious mind falls away as they move to a meditative state of relaxation. Some experience physical sensations of heat and energetic tingling in their body.  With their eyes closed, some see amazing colours of white, blue, purple and other colours of the spectrum as the energy moves through their body.

Some clients sense the presence of departed loved ones during their sessions.  The most common experience is a client feeling that the heavy burden of their challenges has been lifted off their shoulders leaving them with a renewed sense of energy, peace and confidence as they move forward.

No two experiences are ever alike but all healing experiences are equally beneficial.  You receive what you need at the time the session occurs.